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Steve C

  • Right total knee replacement

“6 weeks after my surgery, I am playing golf and riding my bicycle 10 miles a day. Thank you Dr. Tucker, and Merry Christmas!”

Anita H

  • Right Total Hip Replacement

“I am 54 year old female diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the right hip. I was in severe pain day and night. I suffered a year before I decided to have the surgery. I do not recommend doing that. Dr William Tucker did a Total Hip Replacement on December 30, 2016. I was walking a mile in one week without pain. I continue to heal without any problems, three months later. I am walking 5 miles a day. I wish I gotten the surgery sooner. Dr Tucker returned my calls himself after my surgery. He's a very good listener . He's the most professional, talented and helpful physician I have ever met. ”


  • Torn ACL

“Dr. Garner Newton talks about surgically repairing a torn ACL on the Best Docs Network Dallas Fort Worth. Tony had torn his ACL and tried to rehab it himself. A couple years later, he inured his knee again and found himself in Dr. Newton's office. Watch as Tony talks about his experience with Dr. Newton and how he was able to get his knee back to full strength.”


  • Rotator Cuff Surgery

“Dr. Garner Newton talks about rotator cuff surgery.”


  • Torn Meniscus

“Dr. Garner Newton the signs and symptoms of a torn meniscus. Sharon had constant knee pain which limited her participation in every day activities. Watch Dr. Newton talk about how a torn meniscus can be treated and prevented.”